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About Paula

Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher


I am a lover of yoga and meditation & all that it brings to life beyond the mat.  It is my passion & privilege to facilitate programs in the private, community & corporate sector sharing with others the culmination of all that I have experienced in the last 20 plus years of working and studying movement, fitness, complimentary medicine, yoga, meditation & ayurveda.

I have been curious about movement from a very young age & it was in my teenage  years & early 20's that  I pursued a career in professional dance, not because I wanted to be a performer but because of the feeling of connection that I felt when I was moving in a way that felt natural & instinctive to me. This feeling of connection is something that I continue to explore & want to share with others & it has led me along this ever changing path to where I am now.  In the  last decade I have personally delved deeper into the ancient practices of yoga & ayurveda, learning from & being greatly influenced by some of the worlds most renowned yoga teachers.

It is with much admiration & respect  for the ancient system of yoga that  I choose to share what yoga has gifted me in life.  Yoga really is for anyone that is seeking to live with health, vitality & connection.   I enjoy teaching in communities, private studios & corporations & I love that I can make yoga  accessible for all.  My clients include the young, the elderly, beginners & experienced practitioners  and high performance athletes.  I am grateful for each & every individual that I share this experience with & my intention is to be someone that offers inclusivity, adaptability & support  for all to explore their physical, mental, emotional & spiritual selves.

I believe Yoga really is a state of being, it is through consistent practice that we do not become better people but we come to realise that we are already amazing beings and as we explore all of our layers we discover our true potential & place of connection.

I am truly grateful for the opportunities I have to share my experience with all who choose to join me on this journey.
With love & kindness



I would like to acknowledge the wisdom that has been passed onto me from my teachers & for the thousands of years of sacred teachings that have bought us here today.  

It is with much gratitude that I can share these beautiful practices because of those that have kindly shared their experience with me.  Some of the most influential teachers I have learnt from are Brad Hay, Yogarupa Rod Styker founder of Para Yoga, Tiffany Cruikshank of Yoga Medicine, Jo Phee, Clive Sheridan

My most influential teacher.... life! 

Forever, I will be a student!

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